StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Trainer +17 v2.1.4 {Kelord}

26-09-2014, 15:44
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StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Trainer +17 v2.1.4 {Kelord}

Trainer options
To battle on the map oneochnoy game in campaign mode:
These functions work in companies Wings of the Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, and in the "Custom Game" against the AI
Num 1 - adds 5000 minerals.
Num 2 - adds 5000 Vespa.
Num 0 - on / off God mode (+ super damage x10).
Num 3 - turns off fog of war.
Num 4 - turns off recovery time have skills (also disconnected and AI).
Num 5 - fast building (also in AI).
Num 6 - skills not require energy (also in AI).
Num 7 - turns off limit for the army.
Num 8 - turns off requirements for the construction of buildings and production units.
Num / - instant win (only works in the "Custom Game" against the AI).
Num * - destroy all enemy resources.

How to work:
1. Load the mission to any planet, perform any additional tasks.
2. Select how many additional levels Kerrigan get for the additional tasks.
3. Click "70 level" and complete all of the major tasks in this mission. Kerrigan maximum bled.

Even more features:
Num . or "-" button at the bottom Trainer - Trainer minimizes the window, making it over all the windows, the red line - the function is disabled, green - is included.
Pressing in the Trainer button "Hotkeys" (it will change its color to red) hot disabled Num keys, functions can be activate only clicking the mouse, pressing on the "Hotkeys" (the color becomes green) again turn on hot Num keys.

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