Asura Trainer +8 Build ID 27323 (Cheat Happens)

20-04-2017, 10:28
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Asura Trainer for PC game version Build ID 27323Asura Trainer for PC game version Build ID 27323

Game Version: Build ID 27323
Distribution(s): Steam
Compatibility: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Virus Scan: This cheat has been scanned and is virus and adware free. Some trainers may set off generic or heuristic notifications with certain antivirus or firewall software.

Trainer options
Numpad 1: Infinite Health
Numpad 2: Infinite Stamina
Numpad 3: Unlimited Arrows
Numpad 4: Change Sona/Coins By 200
Numpad 5: Change Keys By 5
Numpad 6: Reveal Map
Numpad 7: Change Experience By 5
Numpad 8: Change Astra Points By 5

Editor Options
Progress: Current Experience
Progress: Level
Progress: Astra Points
Attributes: Melee Attack Speed
Attributes: Range Attack Speed
Attributes: Attack Speed Bonus
Attributes: Melee Attack Speed Bonus
Attributes: Range Attack Speed Bonus
Attributes: Range Damage
Attributes: Mage Damage
Attributes: Melee Damage
Attributes: Melee Damage Range
Attributes: Range Damage Range
Attributes: Mage Damage Range
Attributes: Health
Attributes: Bonus Health
Attributes: Agility
Attributes: Spell Bonus
Attributes: Boost Health Points
Attributes: Piercing Damage
Attributes: Critical
Attributes: Luck
Attributes: Quiver Cap
Attributes: Magic Blade
Attributes: Magic Blade Increase
Attributes: Magic Blade Max Damage
Attributes: Magic Blade Duration
Attributes: Ardhar Increase
Attributes: Ardhar Duration
Attributes: Life Steal
Attributes: Heal After Kill Health Points
Attributes: Can Use Shield
Attributes: Split Shot Value
Attributes: Split Shot
Attributes: Magic Piercing
Attributes: Magic Piercing Upgrade
Attributes: Piercing
Attributes: Penetrating Shot Upgrade
Attributes: Decreases Enemy Health Points
Attributes: Decreases Boss Health Points
Attributes: Bhasma Duration
Attributes: Meteor Strike
Attributes: Lingering Spherule
Attributes: Lingering Spherule Boss
Attributes: Lingering Spherule Duration
Attributes: Anathema
Attributes: Agni Prana Damage
Attributes: Agni Prana Duration
Attributes: Vidyut
Attributes: Ground Slam Duration
Attributes: Lightning Damage
Attributes: Lightning Count
Attributes: Whirlwind Damage
Attributes: Static Ward Damage
Attributes: Stun Shield
Attributes: Windshield
Attributes: Fire Shield
Attributes: Windshield Val
Attributes: Spell Gold
Attributes: Gold Heal
Attributes: Level up Heal
Attributes: Chindi
Attributes: True Strike
Attributes: One Shot One Kill
Attributes: Shield Bearer
Attributes: Blast Shield Val
Attributes: Shield Damage
Attributes: Bonus Damage Against Boss And Champ
Attributes: Heal Per Enemy Per Room
Attributes: Ascharay
Attributes: Ascharay Active
Attributes: Ascharay CD
Attributes: Unfair Advantage
Attributes: Unfair Advantage Val
Attributes: Cheat Death
Attributes: Decreases Enemy Health Points Passive
Attributes: Bonus Damage To Range Enemies
Attributes: Sacrificical Barrier Value
Attributes: Shrapit Rekha
Attributes: Shrapit Rekha Damage
Attributes: Shield Health Points
Attributes: Bonus Shield Health Points
Attributes: Fire Shield Health Points
Attributes: Wind Shield Health Points
Attributes: Stun Shield Health Points
Attributes: Damage Shield Health Points
Attributes: Blast Shield Health Points
Attributes: Melee Damage Gain
Attributes: Melee Damage Gain Max
Attributes: Damage Gain Duration
Attributes: Whistling Arrow
Attributes: Max Whistling Arrow
Attributes: Kill Experience
Attributes: Taveez Experience Boost
Attributes: Heal After Room End
Attributes: Ardhar
Attributes: Stamina
Attributes: Stamina Reduction
Attributes: Range Unit Arrow
Attributes: Tyaag
Attributes: B AHp Lost
Attributes: B AHp Max
Attributes: B AHp Damage
Attributes: Armored Hunger
Attributes: Blood Bath Value
Attributes: Range Quivers
Attributes: Arogya
Attributes: Corrupted Smithing
Attributes: Cd Reduce Value
Attributes: Freeze Duration
Attributes: Spell Cost Reduce
Attributes: Tyaag Damage Value
Attributes: Tyaag Duration
Attributes: Infinite Arrow Duration
Attributes: One Shot One Kill Duration
Attributes: Freeze Ward Duration
Attributes: Max Damage
Attributes: Ankh Damage Boost
Attributes: Ankh Never Miss
Attributes: Max Stamina
Attributes: Mastiksh Health Boost
Attributes: Thick Skin
Attributes: Thick Skin Duration
Attributes: Range Invul
Attributes: Range Invul Duration
Attributes: Burn Active
Attributes: Burn Active Duration
Attributes: Damage Steal
Attributes: Damage Steal Damage
Attributes: Damage Steal Duration
Attributes: Blink Strike Damage
Attributes: Decrease Damage On Hit
Attributes: Decrease Damage Duration
Attributes: Experience Boost
Attributes: Elemental Immunity
Attributes: Agility Duration
Attributes: Agility MS
Attributes: Random Lightning Damage
Attributes: Meteor Damage
Attributes: Random Twister Damage
Attributes: Random Stun Duration
Attributes: Increases Hammer Damage
Attributes: Forge Heal
Attributes: Boss And Champ Kill Heal
Attributes: Level Health
Attributes: Level Damage
Attributes: Stamina Damage
Attributes: Destroy Weapon Damage
Attributes: Damage Gain From Weapon Destroyed

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