Palworld Trainer +135 v2/1/2024 / 0.0.47075.0 (Cheat Happens)

1-02-2024, 17:31
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Palworld Trainer for PC game version v2/1/2024 / 0.0.47075.0

Game Version: v2/1/2024 / 0.0.47075.0
Distribution(s): Steam
Compatibility: Windows 7 , Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Virus Scan: This trainer has been scanned and is virus and adware free. Some trainers may set off generic or heuristic notifications with certain antivirus or firewall software.

Trainer options
# Player
NumPad 1: Invulnerable
NumPad 2: Immortal Mode
NumPad 3: Unlimited Health
NumPad 4: Unlimited Pal Health
NumPad 5: Unlimited Stamina
NumPad 6: Unlimited Satiety
NumPad 7: Super Damage
NumPad 8: %100 Pal Capture Rate
NumPad 9: All Pals Are Lucky / Rare
Multiply: No Pal Skill Cooldown
Add: Unlimited Weapon Durability
Subtract: No Grappling Hook Cooldown
Decimal: No Reload
Divide: No Recoil
F1: No Hunger
F2: Zero Weight
F3: Unlimited Stat Points
F4: Unlimited Technology Points
F5: Unlock All Technology Recipes
F6: Unlimited EXP
F7: Free Build
F8: Instant Build
F9: Free Craft
F10: Instant Craft
F11: No Base Build Limit
F12: No Frostbite
F13: Unlimited Partner Ability (Lifmunk Recoil)
F14: Instant Pal Breed
F15: Instant Egg Hatch
F16: %100 Drop Rate
F17: Build Anywhere
F18: Unlimited Base Buildings Health
F19: Decrease Body Temperature
F20: Increase Body Temperature

# Time
F21: Advance Time
F22: Freeze Time
F23: Decrease Time

# Inventory
F24: Refresh Inventory Editor
NumLock: Prevent Ammo and Item Depletion

# Key Items
Scroll: Add 5 Keys to Each Key Item
LeftShift: Unlimited Lifmunk Effigies
RightShift: Subtract 5 Keys From Each Key Item

# Player Movement
LeftCtrl: Fly
RightCtrl: No Clip
LeftAlt: Hover Player Higher
RightAlt: Hover Player Lower
BrowserBack: Increase Player Speed
BrowserForward: Decrease Player Speed
BrowserRefresh: Set Normal Player Speed
BrowserStop: Increase Jump Height
BrowserSearch: Decrease Jump Height
BrowserFavorites: Set Normal Jump Height
BrowserHome: Decrease Gravity
VolumeMute: Increase Gravity
VolumeDown: Set Normal Gravity

# Enemy
VolumeUp: Decrease Enemy Speed
MediaNextTrack: Increase Enemy Speed
MediaPreviousTrack: Freeze Enemies
MediaStop: Set Normal Enemy Speed

# Teleport
MediaPlayPause: Save Position Slot 1
LaunchMail: Save Position Slot 2
SelectMedia: Save Position Slot 3
LaunchApplication1: Save Position Slot 4
LaunchApplication2: Save Position Slot 5
Oem1: Restore Position Slot 1
OemPlus: Restore Position Slot 2
OemComma: Restore Position Slot 3
OemMinus: Restore Position Slot 4
OemPeriod: Restore Position Slot 5

# Game
OemQuestion: Game Speed

Editor Options
# Player
EXP Multiplier
Stat Points
Technology Points
Ancient Technology Points
Money Multiplier
Damage Multplier

# Inventory
Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3
Slot 4
Slot 5
Slot 6
Slot 7
Slot 8
Slot 9
Slot 10
Slot 11
Slot 12
Slot 13
Slot 14
Slot 15
Slot 16
Slot 17
Slot 18
Slot 19
Slot 20
Slot 21
Slot 22
Slot 23
Slot 24
Slot 25
Slot 26
Slot 27
Slot 28
Slot 29
Slot 30
Slot 31
Slot 32
Slot 33
Slot 34
Slot 35
Slot 36
Slot 37
Slot 38
Slot 39
Slot 40
Slot 41
Slot 42
Slot 43
Slot 44
Slot 45
Slot 46
Slot 47
Slot 48
Slot 49
Slot 50

# Keys
Lifmunk Effigies
Key Amount to Add or Remove

# Player Movement
Player Speed Multiplier
Jump Multiplier
Gravity Multiplier

# Enemy
Enemy Speed Multiplier

Zero Weight:
Enable this at main menu before loading your save game.

Free Craft:
Warning: Once enabled then effects are permanent in the CURRENT seesion until you restart your game.

No Base Build Limit:
This option allows you to build many bases as you like without a limit.

Refresh Inventory Editor:
Use this to refresh the inventory editor.

Prevent Ammo and Item Depletion :
Make sure to disable this before acquiring crafts and picking up items.

Slot 1:
Use 'Refresh Inventory Editor' first.

Key Amount to Add or Remove:
With this option you can add or remove keys from your total key items, for example if you want to add 5 to each key item then set this to 5 or if you want to remove 5 then set it to negative respectively.

Get more features and options in the Palworld Trainer +135 v2/1/2024 / 0.0.47075.0

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